Monitor Calibration - What is it?

Monitor calibration
Monitor Calibration - What is it?

Professional monitor calibration is designed to ensure that the colors displayed on the monitor are as accurate as possible for print, natural, without distortions and completely coincide with the print colors. Have you heard complaints that the screen displays poorly, that the colors on the screen are too bright, that you cannot see the lighter or darker tones of the color on the screen? Or have you encountered a situation when your photos or pictures look completely different on another monitor? Have you noticed a color mismatch after printing a photo? All this is due to the fact that you are working with uncalibrated monitors - the colors of your monitor simply do not match the natural colors of the press.

Let's compare a professionally calibrated monitor with an uncalibrated one. When working with photography, graphics or design, you need to pay a lot of attention to color. Therefore, when editing photos or graphics using uncalibrated monitors that do not have their own unique color rendering profile, you run the risk of:

  • Instead of quality photo editing, perform photo alignment;
  • See unnatural and distorted colors;
  • After viewing the photos on another monitor, you will see a completely different result than you expected;
  • A number of inconsistencies were also noticed when the photos were printed;
  • Reduce your capabilities, work productivity and level of professionalism;
  • Experience rapid eye fatigue.

Meanwhile, when working with a professionally calibrated monitor:

  • You will only see real colors;
  • The colors of the monitor will match the colors of the print;
  • The colors of the monitor will be accurate and not distorted, so they will not be different on another monitor;
  • You will avoid eye fatigue caused by the unnatural brightness of monitor colors;
  • Due to the optimal contrast and brightness, you will extend the service life of the monitor;
  • You will increase your opportunities, work productivity, professionalism and even quality.

So, is monitor calibration necessary? - it's up to you, but don't forget that in order to become a professional in a certain field, you also need to have professional equipment. Even modern, high-quality uncalibrated monitors do not provide a natural color spectrum, which results in a poor quality printed image. Monitor calibration not only ensures the naturalness of colors and, at the same time, high quality, but also reduces eye fatigue, which is caused by manufacturers' increased unnatural brightness of monitor colors. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the monitor calibration service not only for professionals, but for all users who have to work at the computer for a long time. Optimally coordinated colors will help you avoid eye fatigue.

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