About kalibruok.lt

Kalibruok.lt is a company that provides a professional monitor calibration service. Nowadays, when visualization is the main expression of media, more and more attention is paid to its quality. In order to obtain a high-quality image, which is revealed only in already printed photos, you need to calibrate your monitor. In this way, you will see a real, undistorted image, natural colors, and the result after printing the picture in the printing house will not disappoint you.

Monitor calibration will ensure you:

  • Natural color spectrum;
  • The highest image quality;
  • An easier and shorter way to achieve the desired result;
  • It will reduce eye straining, unnatural brightness of monitor colors.

The equipment we use:

  • X-rite i1 Display Pro
  • Datacolor Spyder 4 Elite

Kalibruok.lt will not make you a professional in your field, but it will provide you with the most suitable tools to become one.

Anton Prokopov – Founder of Kalibruok.lt.